Welcome Fellow Horse Lovers!
Our farm is a full-service horse boarding facility, specializing in natural horsemanship and whole horse hoof care/barefoot trimming and hoof rehab. We offer trail riding, training, and riding lessons on our 500 acre farm to our clients. Come and enjoy our arena, cross country jumps, obstacle courses, or have a casual trail ride with your horse on the miles of trails in the woods. 
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Clara Thomas  
Lorie Fleenor 
Email: bdfandltf@gmail.com
      We do NOT do 
    Guided Trail Rides  
We are located on the TN/VA line in Bristol, TN. 
Upcoming events:
Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Saturday 9/24/22
Masterson Method course 10/22/22&10/23/22​
Whole Horse Hoof Clinic and Class 
9am-5pm on 10/28/22 & 11/12/22

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American Hoof Association Certified Trimmer 
Progressive Hoof Care Practitioner Trimmer
2018 TN Environmental Stewardship Award
Cavallo Boot Dealer and Fitter
Equine Fusion Boot Dealer and Fitter